In Banja Luka, Bosnia

  • As I said in previous post I will be in Banja Luka. It’s a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • I came here because of business and to visit family that I have here.

First day I spend on road. Second day I was in city on meetings and I was exploring the city. This, third day, I was in shopping and I bought this beautiful bag in New Yorker, set with perfumes called Kiss and a corrector for face. I really enjoy here. It is a little bit boring because I don’t have as much obligations as I have at home. Wifi is weak and that irritates me. But I’m surviving!

Can’t wait for Monday and Novi Sad (again)! 🙂

IMG_20150328_123450 IMG_20150328_124537 IMG_20150328_124622 IMG_20150328_130552 IMG_20150328_155637 IMG_20150328_155641 IMG_20150328_165230 IMG_20150328_172009 IMG_20150328_115924 IMG_20150328_122712 IMG_20150328_204853


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