My trip to Novi Sad, Serbia

  • Today I was in Novi Sad. It’s a city in Vojvodina, Serbia.
  • I had some things to do and also to go on shooting quiz. It was really awesome but so hard and I’m now tired and can’t wait to get in bed.
  • I bought a few things you can see what on my instagram:

large (4) large (6)

  • Novi Sad is a city that have a fortress from 18th century called Petrovaradin. It’s located on the right bank of Danube river. In this fortress every year is held music festival Exit. Unfortunately this year I probably won’t be in Serbia when is Exit (on summer). In the center of Novi Sad is The Name of Mary Church. It’s a Roman Catholic church from 1719. But it was firstly destroyed and then in 1742 they build a new one. In 1849 this one was reconstructed because she was destroyed again. This is a very beautiful church as you can see in pictures.
  • I think that you should visit Serbia. It’s a great country.

With love,

Helena. 🙂

large (7) large (8) large (5) large (9)


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