My trip to Budapest

  • I visited Budapest. It’s such a beautiful city and Hungary is a lovely state. I went there with my friend because she loves to travel just like me!
  • Firstly we visited a Museum of fine arts. There was Rembrandt exhibition. We really enjoyed mostly because museum is a building with amazing interior and exterior as you can see on pictures. Exhibition had over 200 pictures and some of them are from Rembrandt


  • After that we went on Square of heroes (Heroes’ square). It was magnificent. We saw skating rink but unfortunately we didn’t have time to skate.

10962182_889619204415937_1198820785_n IMG_20150207_113347 IMG_20150207_114157

  • We had a chance to see mummies! It was amazing. But it was also scary. I couldn’t take a picture of them but I took some pictures of Natural History Museum. (Yes, we saw aquarium – it was under us!)

IMG_20150207_124440 IMG_20150207_124803 IMG_20150207_130555 IMG_20150207_130843

  • When we left museum we went to Shopping center of course! I found there some things that I need such as black watch, classy jacket and backpack!
  • In 7pm we had a cruise on the Danube. When we walked into the ship we got a glass of champagne. We saw amazing bridges and buildings and we also heard a lot about the culture and history of Budapest.

IMG_20150207_182224 IMG_20150207_183127 IMG_20150207_184355 IMG_20150207_183906

  • It was one beautiful experience and I would like to visit Budapest again cos one day isn’t enough!!! 😉
  • I’m sorry that photos aren’t high-resolution but it was all photographed by my phone and me! 🙂




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