Today’s must-have

  • This is what I need to have in my closet. But I’m sure that most of you have similar must-have list.

1. Forzieri bag.

This is my number one, because it’s so practical and perfect bag, I can wear it with any outfit that I want!

2. Classy black shirt.

I need this mostly because of weekend- when I go out. It would be great If I found one with pockets in front.

3. Spring dress

One with flower details would be perfect. Then I could wear it when I go for a walk or to meet my friends or even at school.

4. Glamorous red dress

But the long one, with open back and with a lace. Ahh… I really need this!

5. Michael Kors white bag.

I have black and now I want the white one! His bags have a lot of space so when I go on travel or when I go to meetings I can put in everything that I need.

This is more or less my must-have list. What do you think about it? Do you need anything of this list? 🙂961699_1030951053601245_718420514_n 11075323_1030951073601243_1788510135_n 11077416_1030951030267914_1514774814_n


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