Make your personal style alive II

  • Most of you asked me if I can do a second part of this topic. Of course that I can you don’t need to ask. 🙂
  • In the first part I wrote about the importance of being yourself and being loyal to your style.

But we know that there’s one problem. How to get through all those insidious eyes? Well nothing in life is easy. You can stand by your decisions and by your opinion or you can live for someone else principles. It’s all on you. You need to decide and only then you can go forward.

In my country especially in my town people are conservative. You need to be really strong to do something different. When it comes to fashion everyone are trying to be cool, but all they do is combine jeans with blouse. No one want to do something crazy and great in the same way. Firstly you need to settle down. Does really anyone care about you? Does they live your life or you?

You love retro? Okay, then put those big sunglasses and fedoras and just go out proud of your outfit!

You like vintage? Dress with floral details or dotted dress is something that you must-have in your closet!

Are you more into classy style? Leather glows and large coat will be amazing for this style! I like to wear this..:)

  • If you want more advice about random styles let me know- in comment!





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