Make your personal style alive!

  • I decide to write about this because I couldn’t except my style for a long time and I don’t want to someone else live like that.
  • Everyone, remember, everyone have their personal style. Maybe it’s IN at this moment but if you don’t want to wear it then don’t. You shouldn’t except something that you don’t like just because most people do. If you like retro, classy or boyish style then be loyal to it. Be loyal to yourself.
  • I can say that I was that kind of person that will hide her style just because she’s afraid that someone won’t like it. But you have right to be what you want to like what you want. Of course that you should follow some rules of fashion. You should know how to match colors but with some kind of freedom that you want to. You should know what you can combine but in your own way. I can count and find a thousand example of this but you got the point.
  • I really want you all to be personal. To be yourself. Because that is what people respect today. Only if you can present it. Don’t doubt yourself. Be yourself.
  • Yeah, it really is me on this photo. If you want to see more pictures with my style let me know. Write it in comment. And please, write in comment what is your style? What do you like to wear? Etc. 😉

Love you guys,




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