Clean your closet-throw up unnecessary things

  • Of course that we all have unnecessary things in our closet that we should throw up. But usually we don’t have time to do that or we are connected with some clothes so we can’t. Here are few things that you should definitely get rid of:

1. Faded black clothes- You will agree with me that this doesn’t look nice. When you find next time something like this in your closet throw it up immediately! (trust me)

2. Sweaters that got smaller after washing- this is so irritating! I finally find sweater that is perfect and then just after few washings it becomes smaller! Let’s deal with it- these sweaters doesn’t deserve a place in our closet.

3. Frayed shoes- maybe you are in love with them but if you have frayed sole and you wear it anyway after few times you will feel a pain in your feets. I have sneakers with frayed sole and I didn’t throw them yet so every time when I wear them I feel huge pain in my feets and then I can’t walk anymore. So believe me when I say that you want to get rid of them.

4. Things that really doesn’t flatter you but you still keep them because you paid a lot of money for them. But what if you have friend or cousin that could wear it? Give it to her. You will feel great and you will have more space in your closet!

Okay folks don’t forget that you can always donate your clothes to Red Cross if you don’t want to throw up your clothes.

Sorry for not posting anything these days. I’m finally home and I can focus on you now. 🙂

With love,




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