Comfortable shoes ARE important!

  • I’m sure that you guys have been reading on fashion sites or blogs that comfort of shoes aren’t that important. But personally I think they are wrong. Is look or brand of shoes worth killing your feet? Now some of you think “I don’t walk too much so this isn’t important for me.”-but it is! Even when you are standing or sitting your knees are paying price for those dizzyingly high heels or shoes that have unsuitable lining. I’m not sure if you want to feel huge pain in your knees and legs.
  • If you are afraid that you can’t find shoes that will be comfortable as much as they look great- don’t worry. There’s so much designers that have designed fabulous shoes that are also comfortable. I’m sure that somewhere in your town or in bigger towns you can find something like this. Don’t forget that you’re buying them for yourself-some shoes can be comfortable for you, but not for someone else. It’s same as the taste. You will like this design and you’re friend maybe another one. But you will wear them, you will have them, so you should pick them!

Love you guys,



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