Tricks for packing a suitcase

Do you know that feeling when you need to start packing clothes because you’re traveling tomorrow? Well, I know. Tomorrow I’m traveling to Science center. As always there’s a question: What to pack? I will give you a few tricks how to pack easier and faster and what’s important to pack:

-Large pieces wear on yourself. In that way you will save space in suitcase.

-Roll up your clothes. Maybe this feels strange but in this way you can pack more things.

– You don’t need more then two jeans. Trust me if you pack more you will carry more clothes then you need.

-You can pack as much as you want shawls and scarves. They don’t need much space.

-Only one evening purse is enough. But let it be in some universal color so you could wear it with everything.

-Before you start packing don’t forget to check weather forecast. Then you will know which clothes you will need.

-Everything that you need to pack write down. Then you will not forget something.

-Daily combinations are the most important. Don’t forget to pack them!

-Towels always put on bottom. Things that always crease put on top. Shoes pack on the side and cosmetic firstly put in a bag and then in suitcase.

I hope this little tricks will help you to pack next time faster and in the same time to not forget anything. Almost always I use them and they helped me so far.

Enjoy in packing! Don’t forget to turn on music- everything is easier with music.

With love,

Helena.My favorite and must-have things from this season!


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